Host Stefania

Modena Centro Junior Suite Tourist Apartment in the Center of Modena



my name is Stefania, mother of two beautiful twins and I am the Host of Modena Centro Junior Suite, my job and desire is to make your stay in Modena the best possible and make your stay unforgettable.

I have always loved and still love to travel to discover the beauty of the world.

I have always traveled in apartments for tourist use, this solution I love has always allowed me to fully immerse myself in the city visited, to be free to manage my time and not be cooped up in a hotel room but to be able to have everything I want at my disposal, as if I were at home.

Why I love design

My vocation for design, my experiences over the years with travel in tourist apartments, and my love for the city where I was born led me to create Modena Centro Junior Suite, right in the historic center in a beautiful 18th-century building, within walking distance of all the city’s main attractions without having to use a car or transportation.

My love for Modena

I love Modena, its welcoming and civilized people, the open-air beauty, the museums, the engines, the Duomo and the Ghirlandina, the Military Academy, the extraordinary food and wine offerings, the restaurants with cooking like my grandmother used to do…come to Modena, your 5 senses will thank you!

I thought I’d add to your stay with a welcome kit and a fantastic complimentary sensory experience for you, the best way to welcome you!

Modena Centro Junior Suite

In designing Modena Centro Junior Suite together with local artisans, I wanted to emphasize comfort, amenities, harmoniousness, and aesthetic taste with a Hi Tech imprint, in other words, everything I always wanted to find in a tourist apartment.

In the 36 meters you will have everything you need, well cared for, clean and sanitized, and with a range of amenities to welcome you in the best way possible.

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Vicolo dell’albergo 7 – 41121 Modena